Hello! I'm
Rama Krushna.
Product Designer ✦ New Media Artist ✦ Software Tinkerer
Hey! I am Rama Krushna. [...@rkdotdesign]

I'm a product designer based in India, currently working as a product designer at Razorpay. I work with the design systems team - setting up the foundations, building components, and setting up processes. Occasionally I work on interaction design - defining the motion system and building high fidelity prototypes. Over the past years , I have had the opportunity to work and learn from some awesome people at UNDP, MakeMyTrip & Polygon.

Apart from that, I also play around with creative coding, interaction design, and motion design, working on side projects or just exploring something that I find interesting due to some reason.

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Motion Design

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Graphics Design

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Interaction Design

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3D Renders

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Creative Coding

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Branding Design

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A v3.0 portfolio redesign project for Rama Krushna (yeah, that's me!) using Webflow


don't crash or fall!

Microgame built in Unity where player has to do exactly what the name of the game says.



This is exactly what the project name says - a hi-fi prototype of a car game leveraging mobile sensors


Learnings as a UX Design Intern @ MakeMyTrip

A Guide on Building your Portfolio using Notion

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